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An intensional definition, also called a connotative definition, specifies the necessary and sufficient conditions for a thing to be a member of a specific set. 3 Any definition that attempts to set out the essence of something, such as that by genus and differentia, is an intensional definition.
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c computing: to create with established rules or parameters define a window define a procedure. 2 a: to fix or mark the limits of: demarcate rigidly defined property lines. b: to make distinct, clear, or detailed especially in outline the issues aren't' too well defined eyes defined by mascara.
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the definition for a definition is a definition. by Menyae Shoemaker March 30, 2009. Get a definition mug for your cousin James. If I knew what this word meant, I would place the definition here. Can anyone place a definition here for the amazingly stupid?
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2008 May, Shoeless Wayne Santos, Baroque game review, GameAxis Unwired, Hardware Zone Pte, page 51: Baroque is a good game, but only for a very narrow subset of the gaming audience. It is the very definition of a niche title.
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Other Words from definition. definitional de-f-ni-sh-nl adjective. Synonyms for definition. vignette Visit the Thesaurus for More. Examples of definition in a Sentence. For the last eight years or so, I've' been watching the evolution of bikes made for women. At the beginning of that time, there were a small number of women's' bikes available, most offered with low-end, sometimes no-name, spec, as if by definition all women riders were beginners. Christine Bucher, Bicycling, March 2008 Not only is Ellen Byrne a chocolatier, but she takes the definition of artisan to a higher level. Amy Johansson, Chocolatier, February/March 2006 One kind of poverty is that of the imaginationthe inability to envision a future truly different from the present. Jasmine had long judged people based on whether or not they gave her food and clothing, but, as she watched Carolyn and Gus and other families, she found herself mulling different gauges of worth. She'd' been working lately on a definition of love. Katherine Boo, New Yorker, 28 Nov. 2005 Ideology thus provides definition of both systemic reality and values: it provides a set of preconceptions of what is and of what ought to be.

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